Quote: December 31

 "Like thrifty housekeepers, we should turn all things to our real profit; let us not seek our consolation in creatures nor in self-gratifications, but let us go straight to God by the path of interior, and exterior mortification, traced out for us by his Divine Son." ~ St. Vincent de Paul   I will make better use of the sacrament of reconciliation as a positive means to correct my faults.

Quote: December 30

 "You will practice charity better by preserving yourself to serve your neighbor for a long time than by wearing yourself out in a short time over the salvation of a few." ~ St. Vincent de Paul   Dear Father, guide me when I am tempted to neglect my health and fail to take prudent measuers to safeguard it. You are my strength and I rely on you.

Quote: December 29

 "God exacts great purity of intention from those who serve him; they should guard most carefully against vain glory." ~ St. Louise de Marillac   Keep far from me, Lord, the desire to be appreciated for everything I do. Instead, today I will go out of my way to thank someoe I usually take for granted.

Quote: December 28

 "Sooner or later, good works speak a far more advantageous language than whatever is done for ostentation and display." ~ St. Vincent de Paul   O Lord, may I find true contentment in working quietly, knowing that my only true reward is in knowing it is done for your glory.

Quote: December 27

 "Envy begins to appear here regarding my employment you expected. Charity, humility and patience will dispel this cloud, I hope." ~ St. Vincent de Paul   Whenever I am overlooked or disregarded, Lord, keep me from all thoughts of self-pity or regret. Your love will preserve me in peace.

Quote: December 26

 "Though our service be rejected, let us believe that whatever happens is for the best. Do we not know that God draws his own glory from contempt?" ~ St. Louise de Marillac   Rejection is never easy to accept, especially when it comes from those I have trusted. When this happens, be with me Jesus and help me work through the resentment I may feel and regain my peace of mind.