Quote: September 19

“We must know how to wait with patience and to expect more from God than from men.”
~ St. Vincent de Paul
O God, your love for me is constant and true. Help me to be most fully the person you want me to be. I believe you will grant what I ask in your name.

Quote: September 18

“The greater my unworthiness, the more abundant is his mercy.”
~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Heavenly Father, in spite of my great unworthiness you constantly favor me with your mercy. How can I ever thank you for so much love?

Quote: September 17

“May God remain forever in your heart and give you the strength necessary for every trial.”
~ St. Vincent de Paul
Lord, you know well what is in my heart. You know every thought and desire. Strengthen what is weak and remove all that is unworthy of you.

Quote: September 16

“I ask God to be the heart of your heart.”
~ St. Vincent de Paul
Lord, I confide to you the needs of my family and all those I love. Protect them with your strength and keep them in your heart of hearts. Amen.

Quote: September 15

“The power to sin greatly increases our merit, if we abstain from offending God.”
~ St. Louise de Marillac
Lord, you know everything about me – my thoughts, desires and faults. Have mercy on me, forgive my sins and give me the courage to keep on picking myself up so I can follow you, who are my way, my truth and my life.

Quote: September 14

"Charity is the cement that unites communities to God and individuals to each other, so that he who contributes to the union of hearts in a community binds it indissolubly to God."
~ St. Vincent de Paul
Lord, give me a heart so filled with loving concern for those who make up my particular "community" that there is no room for criticism or self-seeking.

Quote: September 13

"We must never be surprised when those upon whome we relied fail us; it is then that God steps in to do his work."
~ St. Vincent de Paul
Lord, when those in whom I trust fail me and all seems lost, teach me to forgive from my heart. Be my strength at those difficult times.