Quote of the Day--June 7

  Quote of the Day--June 7:   Great prudence is required in order not to offend anyone and great charity and humility must be exercised so as to truly edify the congregation (VI:344).

Quote of the Day-June 6

  Quote of the Day-June 6:   God knows what is best for us, and He will give it to us at the right time if, like children who have perfect trust in such a good father, we abandon ourselves to Him (VI:331).

Quote of the Day – June 5

  Quote of the Day – June 5:   This maxim of neither asking nor refusing anything, which keeps us dependent on God and His guidance, can only be pleasing to God, especially because it destroys human sentiments that, under pretext of zeal and of the glory of God, lead us often to undertake works that he neither inspires nor blesses (VI:331).

Quote of the Day – June 4

  Quote of the Day – June 4:   May it please God to maintain this zeal in the Company and to strengthen you more and more so that your zeal, like a tree of life, may always bear fruit of an eternal duration (VI:308).

Quote of the Day – June 3

  Quote of the Day – June 3:   May God be pleased to strengthen you with His grace so that, by sanctifying your soul more and more, He will also sanctify, through it, the souls of the people (VI:257).

Quote of the Day – June 2

  Quote of the Day – June 2:   I ask Our Lord, whom you serve so effectively, to be Himself your strength so that you may sustain with vigor and merit the exterior and interior trials you are undergoing and receive the reward promised to those who persevere. This reward is so precious that, in comparison, the suffering of this life seemed to the saints to be only diversions (VI:213).

Quote of the Day – June 1

  Quote of the Day – June 1:   If there is any good in us and in our manner of living, it comes from God, and it is up to God to manifest it, if he thinks it advisable. As for us, however, we are poor, ignorant, sinful men, who should keep ourselves hidden, as being useless for any good and unworthy of consideration (VI:199).