Quote: January 23

“Put yourself in the patient’s place and fancy how you would feel.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

Putting myself in the place of the sick can only result in attention to what is most important to their comfort and care. Keep me conscious, Lord, of all those special needs, often not expressed but so much appreciated by those who suffer.

Quote: January 22

“By drawing closer to the poor, we draw closer to God. And we students must draw closer to God a little more every day, or we’ll find ourselves falling away from him.”

~ Blessed Frederic Ozanam

Lord, true peace and serenity come from serving you in others. May my love be strong enough to triumph over my weaknesses.

Quote: January 21

“Usually, God wills to save men through men; Our Lord, himself, became man to save all.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

Lord, help me to care for others as you have cared for me. May no opportunity for an encouraging word or a listening ear pass my by today.

Quote: January 20

“You must give the sick their remedies and nourishment at the proper time.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

If healing or a cure is to take place, the plan of care for the sick must be strictly kept. Lord, help me to be diligent in carrying out what is prescribed for myself or those in my care.

Quote: January 19

“The past is no longer in our power; the present is in our power, but the future is not. Let us take the opportunity of giving ourselves utterly and completely to God.”

~ St. Catherine Laboure

Heavenly Father, I want so much to give up my attachment to the past, especially to past hurts and guilt, which weigh me down and prevent my living the present to the fullest. I ask this grace in your most powerful name.

Quote: January 18

“Be watchful that nothing in your use be damaged or spoiled.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

Heavenly Father, create in me a careful spirit that I may treat with respect whatever is mine to use, because ultimately it belongs to the poor.

Quote: January 17

“Sloth begets sin in the soul and disease in the body.”

~ St. Louise de Marillac

Lord, never let my own ease or selfishness come before the fulfillment of my obligations to family or to you.