Quote: July 18

“Let us patiently bear the contradictions and repugnances we encounter in the discharge of duty, since our actions are thereby rendered more agreeable to God.”

~ St. Louise de Marillac

Teach me, Lord, the discipline of patience, which I find harder than work. Maybe then, in the quietness of reflection I will begin to understand that you speak to me through the very difficulties I am facing.

Quote: July 17

“Today’s efforts will make tomorrow’s easier.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

How easy it is for me to put off what is difficult and waste time on non-essentials. Lord, teach me to discipline myself and keep my priorities straight, that your work may be accomplished through me.

Quote: July 16

“What can shut us out from the love of Him, who will ever dwell within us through love?”

~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Heavenly Father, soften my heart when anger closes me off from those who have upset me. Help me to overlook and forget these incidents just as you are constantly forgiving me.

Quote: July 15

“There is no charity without justice, nor does it permit us to do more than we reasonably can.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

Working for the poor without also doing what I can to root out the causes of injustice to them is not very effective. This truth should be a guiding principle for me as I go about my work, Lord.

Quote: July 14

“Sufferings well received will prove our passport to eternity.”

~ St. Louise de Marillac

Suffering the pain of misunderstanding is hard to beat. Heal, O Lord, the broken and troubled relationships in my life. Teach me to forgive as you want me to forgive – completely and wholeheartedly being the first to make amends.

Quote: July 13

“By love, Our Lord won over those he wanted to believe in him. No matter how much we exert ourselves, people will never have faith in us unless we show charity and compassion to those whom we wish to believe in us.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

Good works, no matter how praiseworthy, will never engender trust. Knowing your unconditional love for me, Lord, makes it possible for me to love others and reveal to them how blessed they are in your sight.

Quote: July 12

“The greater my unworthiness, the more abundant his mercy.”

~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Lord, I know you have a special love for the poor and the little eyes of the world, so I ask you, today, for the openness and candor of a little child who is totally dependent on your love and mercy. In You I place all my trust.