Quote: October 15

“O Lord, keep us in thy way, direct us in thy paths, recall our wanderings make us to hear thy voice with gladness and to rejoice in thy salvation.”

~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Heavenly Father, when will I learn that only in you will I find true peace and contentment.

Quote: October 14

“The will of God cannot be made known to us more clearly than when events happen without our concurrence or contrary to what we had asked.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

When things don’t go as I planned, Lord, help me to see with the eyes of faith, that what did occur, is indeed your plan.

Quote: October 13

“God is all powerful, while we are weak. We make virtue consist in what it is not; it cannot be found in excesses. How little the Son of God achieved; it was the apostles who had the greater results.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

When I am tempted to put too much stock in success and find myself not getting the recognition I think I deserve, Lord, let me find comfort in the examples of your life.

Quote: October 12

“The holy will of God has assigned to us our present employment. We should perform our work with the fidelity of an ambassador executing the orders of the sovereign.”

~ St. Louise de Marillac

When I find myself straying away from what I know in my heart is your will for me, Lord, remind me that crosses and difficulties are a fact of life and not to give in to such temptations. I rely on you to keep me faithful.

Quote: October 11

“As long as we are Christians we are obliged to support the ill-humor of our neighbor and try to sweeten it.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

When tempted to resent the moody behavior of my neighbor today, remind me, Lord, that tomorrow my neighbor will be putting up with me.

Quote: October10

“Have great trust in God … ask him to be always in your heart, in your words and in your actions and may everyone recognize that you are his.”

~ St. Vincent de Paul

Lord, be with me throughout this day that all I think, do or say may identify me as belonging to you.

Quote: October 9

“Eternity! That voice to be everywhere understood. Eternity! To love and serve him only who is to be loved and eternally served and praised in heaven.”

~ St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Heavenly, Father, when I experience the grief of losing those I love in death, it is my greatest consolation to know we will be reunited again in your blessed Eternity.